Three Things Most Nonprofits Do Better Than Your Business on the Web

Engaging with their greater community

Nonprofits are typically the kings and queens of networking and cross promoting with one another, because they have to so they can survive. Most are out there for the greater good and can easily compliment one another despite the possibility of being in “competition” with one another. That is such a fine line for businesses in the for-profit world, the idea of marketing together with another similar business is daunting and seems counter-productive…but in the social media world it is seen as strategic.
Asking for awareness over money

Nonprofits thrive on donations, but they flourish more with awareness. They know this, so they ask for it over money when it comes to social media. Sure, they solicit donations for their causes, but they still say thank you the same way for sharing their messages that they do for money.

Manners go a long way on the internet and those manners get nonprofits support whether it’s big or small. The same way nonprofits need to know when to ask for money, businesses need to know when to sell and when to give the spotlight to a cause or industry news.

They know their voice

One of the most challenging aspects of defining a business’ online identity is finding their voice. You must find the accurate tone and language to convey what your business is and what you may be passionate about, whether it is related to your craft or not. Nonprofits are inherently passionate about their cause and the industry associated with it.