Facebook Group Branding

Did you notice the new Facebook group changes? No? Well not many people have either… some things you need to consider:

maryland music network

Facebook generates a bar at the top of the group page with photos of members who have recently interacted with the group. Depending on the group, this can be an invasion that members are not prepared for. These photos (blurred above) when hovered over display a member’s name and a link to their profile page. Granted, you can access a list of group members, but never at this level of fanfare.

The group in the screen shot above is the Maryland Music Network, a group that connects the Maryland music community online via Facebook (read more here). But for more identity sensitive groups, like those moderated by The MAGIC Foundationfor medical conditions, this change has been percieved as a privacy concern.

Privacy aside, this is a big chance for branding for an organization or group.

1. Design a banner that is exactly 800 pixels wide by 200 pixels high.

2. Within the 200 pixels leave a 32 pixel bar at bottom to leave room in your design for the bar Facebook genreates from your group information.

3. Upload it to your Facebook group as an admin at the top right corner of the banner of images.

Here is what The MAGIC Foundation did for their parent groups:


This new feature for Facebook groups is a chance to display information about your group in a snap shot, but an even greater opportunity for branding your organization on the internet.

If this is any inclination of where branding for Facebook pages might be going, sign me up.